“Residential Metropolitan”. Housing project

*Ibosa entrusted Labit with the development of a project involving the re-plotting of 400 private homes with the ultimate goal of setting up a cooperative association that could subsequently be marketed. The project designed by Labit conceives three buildings. One of them was designed as a tower with a double perforated skin; the tallest in the city with a height of 98 metres. The rest of the project consisted of homes each with an area of over 100 square metres with terrace around which communal landscaped areas were laid out over several floors.  The roof terrace was topped off with a pool and garden.

Industry: Architecture

Type: Residential

People: For habitants

Location: Madrid-Spain

Client: IBOSA

Area: 65,000 sq.m.

Budget: 90.000.000 €

Date: 2014