Labit is an architecture and design studio founded in Madrid. We are currently working worldwide, focusing on bespoke strategies to conceive spaces aiming to create the perfect place for each client.

We develop new areas engaging creativity, respecting the environment and design tradition. In every project, Labit perceives architecture as a way of transforming and improving other people’s live through innovation and the use of the highest technology available that allow us the thoughtful making of successful spaces.

Elvira Conejero Crespo

Partner / CEO

Elvira is a workplace specialist who believes in enhancing the business model through design.

‘Excellence in business can only happen in excellent workplaces’

Elvira founded Labit after working in the USA and Middle East, where she worked in a variety of design projects for international and local clients. At Labit she is in charge of understanding projects needs and leading the design process from concept to execution.

With her Masters in Architectural Management and Design (MAMD) and Architecture  background, she is focused on delivering on time and within budget maintaining the highest standards if design.

  • BArch+MArch (UNAV 2014)
  • Landscape, Urban and Environmental Design Specialty (UNAV 2014)
  • IE MAMD (IE Business School 2015)
  • Member, COAM, Madrid, 2018

Pablo A. de la Fuente

Partner / Technical Director

Pablo is passionate about well detailed projects. He believes in innovation through simplicity and cost awareness.

‘Lack of rigour today means money spent tomorrow’

Pablo has worked all across Europe and his experience in the field has included managing projects from the beginning, issuing initial briefs, scheduling and licensing.

He also is involved in procurement, design, project and cost management, construction, handover, closeout as well as managing external and internal consultants and contractors as clients´ representative, reporting to the clients´ boards and always aiming to exceed clients´ expectations.

Pablo’s knowledge combination between design and technical aspects secures the design.

  • Architectural Engineering (UPM 2003)
  • MPM (UPM 2008)
  • BArch+March (UCJC 2014)
  • Member, COAM, Madrid. 2015

Fernando Sanz

Partner / Operations Manager

Fernando is a specialist in understanding sustainability as a strategy.

‘Sustainability thinking is the only mean to create truly successful design projects.’

Fernando leads all technical aspects of the design projects. He brings into the design all the consultants during the design phase, ensuring a fluid design process while avoiding potential disruptive issues during the construction phase. He is able to translate the most complex design projects into straight forward construction processes.

Fernando has been involved in a wide range of projects linking multicultural and multinational teams at Labit Group.

  • Interior Architecture (UPM 2003)

Maria Baldrich

Office Director – Barcelona

Daniel Villalonga

Project Manager – Architect

Beatriz Barberán

Office Coordinator

Jaime de los Ríos

Project Manager – Architect

María Jesús Sastre

Project Manager – Architect

Julián Fernández

Project Manager – Architect

Isabel Melero

Head of Design Technology

Luis Sierra

Project Manager – Architect

María Iglesias

Project Manager – Architect

Stephanie Batikoff

Senior Architect

Matias Villamil

Senior Architect

Jessica Pérez

Senior Architect

Esther Pinto

Senior Architect

Diego Vega

Analytics Coordinator – Architect

Andrea González


Joaquín Muñoz


Huaijin Tang


José Manuel Adrián


Pablo Angosto


Dolores Figueroa


Rubén Sanz


Jaime Cossent


Pablo Garbayo


Daniela Rodríguez

Office Manager